A lot of our clients have a hard time knowing how and where to start a remodeling project. Often small decisions like paint colors or flooring selections can make a world of difference with the overall project; No decision is too small!  Having a consultation with a design specialist to help with your remodeling plans will save you time, money and ensure that your vision is built.

Can you visualize it?

Most design projects start with 2D layouts and 3D renderings of your space, with precise measurements. These detailed drawing help you visualize your remodel before any money has been spent on construction. These renderings also serve as blueprints for your remodeling project for a more accurate quote and build-out plan.


Right Size Design.

Our design support can be tailored to your project based on your need for advice. We can be there for simple color suggestions and design guidance up to detailed drawings and project management for your remodel. You can choose how much design help you need.

What are the advantages of using a designer?

A designer won’t just look at the project itself. They will consider your home’s style, your needs and how your vision fits with both.


A Designer often assists with the following:

  • Spatial layout & accessibility

  • Cabinetry design

  • Countertops & tile selections

  • Interior and exterior paint colors & finishes

  • Hardware, lighting & fixture selections

Ready to start?

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