Our Promise

Our promise to you… We’ll always provide you with a FREE competitive written proposal before any work begins. We start every project with a signed contract and a clear understanding of the costs, timelines and project expectations. This is followed up with regular progress reports to ensure you’re happy with the services we’re providing throughout the remodeling process.


No contractor can predict what issues they might find when they start working on a project. Nor can they know if a homeowner might want changes or upgrades after work begins. What we can offer is our “No Surprises Guarantee” We promise to let you know upfront how changes will affect your budget, so that you can make informed decisions before incurring any costs. This way there aren’t any surprises when your project is complete. 


We promise to provide you with any documentation needed so that you know we are fully insured and protected while working on your property. The same holds true for any sub-contractors we might hire for special installations. Your trust and safety are what we value most.


If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with the work or our workers, we want to know. Please call me directly at (404) 661-5184 and voice your concerns.

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